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Sunday Services -
WORSHIP SERVICE AT 9:30 A.M.        

1241 May Post Office Rd.
Quarryville, Pa  17566

Office:  (717) 786-7565


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History of
Mt. Eden Evangelical
Lutheran Church

June, 1860
Rev. J.V. Eckert Pastor at Zion Reformed Church, New Providence, organized a Sunday School in the Springville Schoolhouse. This Sunday School was the forerunner of what is now Mt. Eden Lutheran Church.

The first known service was held by Rev. J.V.Eckert in the stone schoolhouse known as the Bowery School. This building is still standing across the street from the current church and is a private residence.

May, 1878
The Cornerstone was laid for the original building.

May 11, 1879
The original brick building was built with seating for 150 people on a 3/4 acre lot at the cost of $2,200. The church was founded with 15 charter members.

The congregation was split over a debate concerning affiliation with the General Council of the Lutheran Church or the Reformed Church. One Sunday the congregation came for worship and found the church locked by those favoring a Reformed Church relationship. The congregation's majority were made up mostly of Lutherans against the Reformed affiliation, and so the pastor from St. Michael's Lutheran, Strasburg held worship on the grass beside the church for a number of weeks.

No services were held due to the congregational split.

Dr. S.D. Daugherty, Missionary Superintendent for the East Pennsylvania Synod revived the congregation, by sending visiting pastors to hold worship once again at the church.

The congregation united with St. Michael's Lutheran, Strasburg, to form the Strasburg Parish of the Ministerium. Included in this agreement was a shared pastor that served both congregations.

Extensive alterations were made to the church building: a basement was dug for Sunday School and the interior of the sanctuary was redecorated.

Electric lights were installed.

Pennsylvania Power and Light agreed to furnish light for the Church and Festivals for $4.00 a month.

The first choir was organized to participate in worship.

The annual fellowship/fundraiser festival was not held because of gas rationing and the rubber situation. Instead, each member was asked to give at least .50 cents to take the place of the festival

The Ladies Aid Society had an electric organ installed for a trial period of one year.

The Congregation voted to accept the electric organ and to install an electric clock in place of an old eight-day wind-up clock.

The Congregation voted to allow women to serve on council. In October a tornado damaged the church roof.

Indoor plumbing was added to the church building, running the water line and pipes over from the Bowery School house across the street.

Initial fundraising project began to build a new building and to purchase the new Service Book and Hymnal (Red) Hymnals.

A Junior Choir was established.

January, 1966
The first steps were taken for the dissolution of the Parish agreement with St. Michael's Lutheran, Strasburg. It was the first step for both churches to be come separate parishes.

June, 1967
Council recommended buying 2 acres of gound for $5,000. Serious fundraising and planning began for the new building. And the first Boy Scout Troop was organized.

October, 1968
Mt. Eden publishes their first newsletter.

May, 1969
Construction of the new church begins. Projected costs is $153,000. the Cornerstone was laid on September 7, 1969.

January 1, 1970
Mt. Eden moves to their new sanctuary

A 70 year old pipe organ is installed in the sanctuary.

1970's & 1980's
Scouting was very active. Brownies, Junior Cadettes, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Explored and Handicapped Scouts all organized out of Mt. Eden Lutheran.

Fluorescent lights were installed.

Driveway extension was made to lower level of building and the new Lutheran Book of Worship hymnals were purchased.

November, 1980
Church council voted to reduce their membership from 18 members to 12 members. The Bell Choir debuted.

Glass entranceway was added to front of the building.

New Roof installed on building.

Platform built for Altar. New electric organ was installed.

May, 1988
Joint sponsorship with St. Michael's Lutheran, Strasburg, of an immigrate family, the Benis'.

A tape ministry is begun for the shut-ins.

March, 1989
The original white shed was dismantled and the parking lot was paved.

The choir loft was built.

Twelve Key program was held to self study and evaluate the congregation's ministry.

April, 1994
The first computer was used in the church office.

May, 1995
Digital Hymnal was purchased for outside services.

August, 1995
A handicap restroom was completed.

"Adopt-A-Highway" program for May Post Office Road was begun.

Prayer Chain was begun.

New propane heating system was installed, replacing the original electric heating system at a cost of $39,000
The new FAD (Fellowship Activity Day) monthly events began. The Visioning Group began their work. A downstairs kitchen was added to the social room, thanks to the ladies sewing group.

September, 2000
The congregation voted to adopt the updated Congregational Constitution in keeping with ELCA guidelines.

The Congregation celebrated the 125 year of worship her on the hill in Eden township. Events throughout the year such as guest preachers, car show, tractor show, bonfire, monthly displays, cookbook and keepsakes, and an anniversary dinner held mark the year. The Cemetery Committee and Endowment Committee again became two separate accounts, under two different committees. A SOAR (Stewardship, Outreach, Administrative, Revelation) overview for the next five year goals were planned.

A new roof was installed at the cost of $16,000. The sanctuary was realigned and talks began about adding on to the building. A family-in-need program was begun by the Social committee.

In lieu of the building expense, the congregation voted to hold the 8:00 non-traditional service year around for a trial of one year. The annual amount of fundraiser money was first the first time not used for current expenses and instead decided by the congregation for outreach and building usages.

New Crash bars were added to front doors, for safety sake. A new brick and changeable lit sign was built in front of the church. The second service was voted to continue indefinitely 45 to 2.

January, 2005
The congregation voted to purchase a new John Deere Tractor for the church grounds.

June, 2005
The Congregation purchased a new copier, computer and new oil-filled candles and candelabras. Final plans were made and presented by Robert Stottlemyer concerning the new pavilion he is building as part of his Eagle Badge project.

January, 2006
Air conditioning was installed throughout the upstairs and in the social room downstairs at a cost of $60,000.

July & August, 2006
The choir loft was disassembled and the chancel was realigned. A reredos wall was built behind the altar, along with storage as a new sacristy.

October, 2006
Mt. Eden began supporting as a sponsoring congregation the Fonner's (an ELCA missionary couple in Southeast Asia)